Choosing the Travel Agency
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Being a tiny island, there is nowhere in Bali that cannot be reached in a single day, and there is no need to travel via overnight buses. GETTING around on the tiny island is never a real problem, and there are plenty of modes of transport available to the traveler. Walking is the most basic way of getting around, and your own feet will serve you around the village, beach or resort area where you are staying. But to travel further afield, some other form of transport must be found.

ONE of the best ways to begin planning a holiday in Bali is by working with a travel agent. A travel agent is a trained, skilled professional who helps individuals and groups plan, and execute your holiday or businss travel. Your travel agent gathers client information and then, based on its industry knowledge, personal experience and current industry data, recommends how best to serve your needs.

Choosing the Travel Agency

Look for a travel agency that belongs to ASITA (Association of the Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies). ASITA is the largest and most influential travel trade association in Indonesia. Membership includes travel agencies, airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and car rental companies.

Consider everything from the appearance of the office to the agent's willingness to listen and answer questions. The best agents want to establish a long-term relationship with a client, not just make one sale.

Stay away from travel offers that sound "too good to be true," particularly if you have been solicited by phone or have received a postcard or certificate in the mail. Never give a cashier's money order in exchange for information about a travel package.
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