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Is this your first visit to Bali and you are wondering what to see? Or you have been to Bali before and now want to see more? Should you find any or perhaps all of them interesting, call your travel agent; if you already have one, ask them to book a seat to many activities. If you haven't got one, shop around.

The beach is a major factor in any island holiday and Bali has a coastline which offers every possible water activity, including surfing some of the best waves in the world, swimming with dolphins, cruises, snorkeling, diving, sailing, and parasailing. Bali is also the perfect spot to do, safely, a lot of outdoor activities such as rafting, mountain cycling, hiking, and many others, including some extreme activities like bungee jumping and paragliding.


There are two seasons in Bali: The wet season (December to March) is when the monsoon hits Bali with westerly cross-shore winds, powerful up to 25 knots, the best condition for windsurfing in Sanur area. The dry season (June to September) is also famous as the kite season, kites flying everywhere. Easterly cross-shore trade winds, consistent but not so strong. July and August are the best time to windsurf. Ideal wind velocity is 15 km/hour.

Sanur. The stretch of beach south of Sanur Beach hotel is the best during wet season. Inside the lagoon the water is very flat and on the reef the waves are like ramp. Side shore winds with wave up to 10 feet provide the perfect conditions for jumping and wave riding. In dry season, all the coast of Sanur is good but south of Bali Hyatt is still the best. The wind is always a few knots stronger than elsewhere.

Gangga Beach. Just after Tabanan you will find this dark sand beach with side shore wind that is stronger then Sanur of few knots. Beach break, watch out for close out, not recommended in big swell.

Balina Beach. Also on the west coast you will find this famous surf spot. The wind is side on shore also stronger then Sanur. The waves are famous for the long ride and the bottom is not to shallow, they can be pretty big but they are not really dangerous. Go out from the left of the river, watch out for the shore break that can be ugly and ride the waves in the bay (pull out on time as the wind drop a little bit in the Bay).

Tulamben. In the northeast of the island, famous for the diving at the wreck, is known as one of the windiest spots in Bali. Here the wind get tunneled between Mount Agung and Mount Seraya and explode in the valley with incredible power. The beach is of black sand, the wind is side off shore with the first 100 meters little bit gusty, flat water with little bit of chops. Incredible view of the volcano from the sea.
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