Eating in Bali
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You don't have to worry where to find food that suits your need and taste, because in Bali there are many restaurants offer you with a wide variety of cuisine. You can find traditional to international cuisine. Almost every type of international cuisine is available in Bali, the most popular being Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

You may choose place to eat in a five-star hotel restaurant, or you may prefer a breezy open-sided bamboo cafe. Restaurants in Bali offer the guest with a wide variety of excellent dishes to satisfy every budget and taste. When you feel like venturing outside for a meal, there are dozens of good restaurants to be found in the main streets of the major tourist areas.

Eating out in Bali cannot be compared with the culinary delights you can expect in the great cities of this world, but the number of good or at least interesting restaurants and the choice of different cuisine are increasing every year. Prices, style, food presentation, decoration and service vary and range from very basic to luxurious and from extremely cheap to quite expensive.

Although based on original recipes, the preparation of the dishes is often adapted to the local taste and the availability of certain ingredients, and the results are not always predictable. However, if you don't insist on comparing the Balinese version of international delicacies with those prepared in the country they originate from, you can usually expect a rather enjoyable meal.
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