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In Bali there are two types of hotels: the 'bintang' (star) class and the 'melati' (jasmine) class. Star Hotels have expensive rate, especially for the first class. Most feature a restaurant, coffee shop, bar, public areas, shopping arcades, many leisure facilities and offering luxury accommodation with high standard of service and facilities considered the best available in the country.

Generally, expensive rate hotel divided by three types. First Class hotel properties with tasteful decor, excellent service and quality facilities; Superior hotels is well maintained properties with superior first class facilities, services, and amenities; and Deluxe hotels is deluxe properties offering luxury accommodation with high standards of service and facilities considered the best available in the Country.

Beside that, Boutique hotels in Bali have become very popular with travelers seeking special and exclusive accommodation. Known for providing secluded luxury, a resort hotel is generally small and intimate. It has its own character and ambience, and is at the top end of the market price-wise.

However, generally below two-star hotels have moderate cost level. Moderate hotels are offering comfortable guestrooms and functional public areas. Many feature a coffee shop, restaurant and bar. The major difference is that some have a beachfront and air-conditioning, while rooms at the lower end of the scale have only a fan and no private swimming pools.
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