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There are folk medical treatment and also the modern one that you can try during your stay in Bali if something goes wrong to your body. Bali also a good source of traditional herbs that can be used for treating a disease, particularly a light disease. Try to use this inexpensive medicine than using the chemical (factory-made) medicine.

There is a network of pharmacies and doctors across the island offering Western medical services such as: Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors, Medical evacuation, Pharmacies and Health insurance. And also traditional treatments such as: Herbal medicine, Balian and Meditation.
To relax your body Bali provides some health treatments such as: Spas, Body treatment, Massage treatment and Beauty treatment.

Many hotels have special outdoor Balinese style "bales", in which it's possible to have an open air massage on a raised platform covered with an alang roof overlooking the ocean. Salons offering facials, manicures, pedicures, body masks and hair designs are often positioned near the massage rooms or are a part of the spa complex in hotels.

Also, most of the larger hotels have gymnasiums, pools and tennis courts conveniently located near the spa so it's possible to make the most of a workout. Many spas have cafes attached and it's possible to cleanse the body internally as well as externally with a range of healthy treats. Calorie controlled, fat conscious foods are available at these special cafes, so it's possible to indulge healthfully.

The use of fabulous aromas, and sometimes the more carefully crafted aromatherapy sessions, have become part and parcel of the total modern massage and spa treatment. Thermo therapy and aqua aerobics, hot spas and cold plunge pools, saunas and steam baths are also fast becoming a compulsory addendum in the therapeutic process.
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