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Balinese consider art as the heart of the life itself. Without art, lives seem completely dull. Whatever the Balinese create it usually had a slightly contact with their faith and religion. Balinese have a wide collection of hand-made artistic crafts. From wooden material to stone and many 'unusual' materials, which is Bali famous for.

One of Bali's main export areas, fine fashioned rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings as well as personal fashion and custom design are crafted by families of gold and silversmiths. Gemstones as well as rare metals have long been part of Bali's unique gift for fine materials and design. The silversmiths create filigree pieces and larger items to order and sell to the public from their workshops.

Bali now has one of the biggest garment industries in Southeast Asia. There are hundreds designers and exporters working out of Kuta and Legian. The clothes are ideal for casual summer wear in warm climates. The island's inherent partiality towards the shiny and the glittering has inspired a mini industry of flashy jumpsuits and dazzling footwear.
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