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  Joged Dances

The joged, genre is distinguished by a social dance feature: after the dancer has completed and extended pure dance solo in Legong style, men from the audience are invited by turns to come forward to create a flirtatious improvisation with the skilful performer.

Ngibing as the improvisational dancing is called, employs a basic vocabulary of movement, which is common to modern classical Balinese dance in general, but in ngibing the sensual possibilities of the medium are emphasized: sexy, undulating wriggles, coy gestures with the fan, inviting smiles and suggestive winks are characteristic of the form.

Joged is a somewhat denatured survival from a pre-colonial Balinese tradition in which dancing and prostitution were closely linked. Lets now find out the various kinds of Joged that survive today from Leko, Joged Gudegan, Adar, Gandrung, and Joged Bumbung.

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