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Like Gebyog, this folk dance genre derives its name onomatopoetically from the sound of its accompaniment, which is a rhythmic vocal sound similar to that produced by the Cak chorus. Two dozen vocalists chant pung-caka-pung-caka-pung in unison to accompany the dancing.

Cakapung is a male social dance, done strictly for recreation and amusement. A performance might take place any evening, during leisure time. The dancers gather at about 7 o'clock at the bale banjar, the ward association hall, a secular space.

The men dress in a traditional Balinese everyday dress, with a white shirt and simple head dress (udeng). Some of the participants bring bottles of tuak (Balinese palm wine), brem (rice wine), or arak (rice brandy). Others bring their fighting cocks, in their bamboo baskets.

The men sit down in a circle, informally, on the floor of the bale banjar, with bottles and other paraphernalia close at hand in front of them. One of the participants will pick up a lontar manuscript, containing texts of Macapat songs (classical love songs or laments, written in Balinese, which are the staple of Arja, the Balinese opera.

The reader sings a sentence to accompaniment of suling (small flute) and rebab (spike fiddle). As the evening passes different members of the group take over the reading and explaining functions.

At last someone abruptly stands up. 'Pung!' shouts the leader, 'Chekapung-chekapung-chekapung!' The other men join in the chant and several more stand up to dance. The movement improvisational, comic in style, and resembles ngibing without the flirtatious element.

A cheering, laughing crowd surrounds the performers. The fun goes on until late in the evening.

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