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  Topeng Panca

At the end of the nineteenth century the King of Badung had assembled a truly superior group of dancers to perform at court. Some of the artist were the Brahmana caste while others were commoners.

Ida Bagus Boda, the leader of the group, was inspired to assemble a performance in which the entire group could take part. This unlike Topeng Pajegan, was to be an entirely secular performance to be given for the entertainment of the ruler and his family. It was called Topeng Panca (Five-Man topeng/mask).

The basic structure of Topeng Pajegan needed very little adaptation to serve the needs of the group, and the repertoire was taken from the same historical sources used in the earlier ritual Topeng.

The additional performers create new possibilities for humor by comparison with the old Topeng Pajegan, for two clowns have more scope than one.

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