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This recent purely secular composition was created in 1967 from the sacred Rejang dance by I Gusti Raka Saba, who was the Legong teacher at ASTI.

It took its present form after some reworking by I Wayan Brata of KOKAR-Bali in 1970. The dance is a group work for five female dancers who carry bowls with flower petals and burning sticks of incense.

Developed from rites to honor the visiting gods, the dance has been adapted to show honor to the guests in attendance at the performance. At the conclusion the young women strew flower petals toward the audience.

The costume is an elaborate new creation based on the simpler Rejang costume. Panyembrama (Greeting) is always given as the first number in the concert program.

Recently the dance has come to be given as a matter of routine at Ngurah Rai Airport when distinguished guests from Jakarta or foreign dignitaries arrive.

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