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Once every fourteen months the Balinese celebrate the New Year holiday, called Hari Nyepi. This is the time of cleansing and renewal, a time to clear up old debts and a time to be reunited with members of one's family.

On Hari Nyepi it is the rule to stay home quietly. Older people fast and meditated, and no one is permitted to make any loud noise. On the contrary, New Year's eve is a very lively occasion.

In many villages noisy purification rites designed to frighten away the buta are held, and every family sets out large offerings for the buta outside their house-yard. In a sense the entire island to be swept clean of demons on this day.

On the New Year's eve a group of men from the village went around the village specially the graveyard, the crossroad, and the specialty paths favored by buta as they go about their troublesome business. They performing a kind of action like frightening and sending away the demons by means of a giant doll.

Most of the villages, make this giant doll. The performance of sending away the demons accompanied and followed by women and children bringing torch and musical instrument made of anything, from wood, bamboo, etc.

In some villages, this march is accompanied by gamelan gong. In some villages there are also a long cannon made of bamboo which making a lot of noise and very loud too.

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