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  Gabor, Memendet and Baris Pendet

The simple three-part Balinese prayer finds elaboration in a group of temple dances that are usually performed in the evening of an odalan except for Baris Pendet which usually performed in the daytime.

Gabor dances are performed by women wearing normal temple dress. Accompanied by the gamelan gong, the dancers begin to dance two by two. Each carries a bowl of flowers or other offering in her right hand. They dance side by side, facing the pelinggih and advancing toward it, always facing the gods in their pratima.

Each pair of dancers performs for five minutes or so in front of the pelinggih before the offerings are deposited at its foot. Four to eight pairs dance on a particular occasion, and a performance can last up to an hour altogether.

Complementary to Gabor, Memendet is performed by adult men from the temple congregation or occasionaly by the pemangku. The dancers wear their regular temple costume, but are without shirts.

They dance a rather simple step based on the Baris Gede group of movements, and the music is also from the Baris repertoire. In some villages, a dance called Baris Pendet is given, which is like Baris Gede performed by eight men and they dance with ritual vessels filled with flowers instead of with weapons.

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