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  Baris Gede

Complimentary to the Rejang, Baris Gede is a group dance performed by the adult males of a village on the occasion of odalan. Baris Gede is often given just before or just after the Rejang performance.

The dancers of Baris Gede use certain helmets of characteristic triangular shape worn by the dancers, which consists many pointed fragments of mother-of-pearl thrusting upwards in a pyramid. They are attached to springs which cause them to shake constantly as the dancers move.

The rest of his costume consists of rather tight- fitting white trousers, white shirt, and a decorative uniform aprons that hangs down from the shoulder in front and behind; the costume is completed by the dancer's kris, or dagger.

The dancers can be considered as the bodyguard of the visiting deities who are temporarily residing in the pratima. The man carry sacred heirloom weapons, such as spears, lances, shields, daggers or even, in some villages, rifles.

The size of the group can vary from eight to several dozen dancers, depending on the custom of the village and the number and kind of weapons available in the village collection of inherited treasures.

The type of weapons employed distinguished the type of Baris. For instance, the one that use spears called 'Baris Tumbak', the one that use shields made of wood from the 'dadap' tree, called 'Baris Dadap'.

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