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  Barong Kedingkling

Barong Kedingkling is similar to rituals performed in several other Balinese villages, where the form may be called 'Barong Belasbelasan'.

Barong is a general term for a mask representing a mythological animal or supernatural being. Kedingkling means hopping, while belasbelasan means going in separate directions.

This rite is one of a very large number of ceremonies still practiced on the island involving the expulsion of buta (demons) to make a way for odalan to be success.

The choreographic pattern and the dancing are very simple. The performers use a collection of sacred masks which were copied from a collection of masks that are kept (not use in performance) in the palace of the King of Klungkung.

The stories presented are taken from the holy Ramayana epic, especially the part that consist of the sacred monkeys; Sugriwa (king of the monkeys), Anoman and Anggada (the two ministers).

The king use Kawi language (old Javanese language) which interpret into Balinese by the two comic counselors, Wredah and Twalen.

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