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  Performances and Events

A great number of villages offer commercial daily or weekly performances in the bale banjar-outfitted with a ticket table, rows of chairs, and lighting.

A temple performance is one of the best places to see the gamelan perform. Temple anniversary ceremonies, 'odalans', are always taking place somewhere on Bali and visitors are always welcome. Ask the local tourist office, your hotel proprietor, driver, or guide. Go in the late afternoon or early evening when spectators are arriving with their offerings.

A group of interested people may also commission a performance. The fee is very reasonable, depending upon the size and elaborateness of the orchestra and dance troupe, and the length of the program. Go up to the head of the music club, the 'ketua sekaha gong', and make arrangements for your group to be seated in the 'bale banjar' or other community space.

The camaraderie and interplay such an event fosters between visitors and villagers are unforgettable.

At the Denpasar Arts Center on Jl. Nusa Indah in Abiankapas (a 15-minute walk east of Kereneng Station) visitors can see dance and music rehearsals as well as public dances.

The art center also features two magnificent open-air amphitheaters with modern lighting and hosts a Bali Arts Festival. Each year from mid-June to mid-July musical and 'sendratari' competitions, as well as diverse classical and modern music performances, are held daily. If it's the high season, book your hotel early so that you don't miss it.

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