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  What's to Be Done

There is a nascent environmental movement on the island. The menu at Ubud's Mumbul Restaurant states "Save Bali! Don't use plastic bottles!" Restaurants are starting to serve beverages in glass bottles only. Water purifiers are becoming popular.

To their credit, about 25% of Bali's forest is protected in four nature reserves, the largest of which is 196-square-kilometer Bali Barat National Park.

A number of emerging environmental groups are determined to save the island from further pollution. The Wisnu Foundation, a nonprofit Indonesia-based organization founded on Bali in 1993, has begun an integrated waste management pilot program in Pupuan, involving a composting project to deal with wet garbage from hotels. The foundation sells organic compost-no rocks, no weeds, no smell-at about Rp400 per kilo. All proceeds are reinvested into current and planned recycling projects.

Another group, the Bali Sustainable Development Project, has exerted pressure on the restaurants of Ubud to use recyclable bottles rather than plastic water bottles.

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