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  Water Concerns

The number of hotels in Bali right now is 1,022, with a total of 31,372 rooms. This number excluded 38 hotels with a total capacity of around 10,000 rooms that are still in the process of being built or renovated.

For example 40,000 rooms need 340 liters of water per second. That equals the amount that is needed by 332,000 villagers, or the amount that is required for watering a field as large as 2,640 hectares.

A study points out that the ground water potential as much as 880.48 million m3. The different between the ground water supply and the actual consumption in Bali, taking into account the non-farming and non irrigation water needs in 1997, is as high as minus 1447.553 million m3. This will only get worse in 2002, when it will reach minus 1787.147 million m3.

Data shows that in 1997 the average occupancy rate for hotels was between 56.06% and 81.56%, and in 1998 the range was between 30% and 68.28%. These statistics reveal how many millions m3 water need to be supplied every year.

To put it simply, Bali is facing a water and waste disposal. Kuta, for example, has not had suitable water and waste disposal systems since the 1970s, so the area regularly floods every time the rainy season comes.

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