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  Help from the Tourism Industry

There is no doubt that tourism has contributed significantly to Bali's economic development. In 1994 tourism contributed 42,2% of the total Gross Domestics regional product and absorbed 34.14% of the total working force in Bali.

However, on other side, the tourism sector has also become the biggest contributor to environmental problems, through both using large amounts of natural resources and producing waste that threatens the natural environment.

Many people in the tourism industry are, however, also concerned about the environmental impact of tourism and are trying to find ways to deal with the problems.

A five star resort in Jimbaran, for its role in environmental protection through the hotel's implementation of creative solutions to help deal with environmental concerns. The hotel has, for example introduced a Hotel Environmental Rating System in association with Bapedal and the Wisnu Foundation. These organizations are working on such projects as turtle protection, natural energy source conservation, and environmental educational programs for the broader community.

Internally, there has also been a concerted effort to be environmentally friendly. Whether organizations within the tourist industry contribute in some ways to the destruction of the local environment or not, and whether this problem is intentional or not, these organizations are often in a position where they can begin to make a difference, and can also contribute to the regeneration and rehabilitation of the island.

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