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'SEKEHA' is a social organization of voluntary that is tied together with goal and special role that have been agreed. There are many kinds of sekeha in Bali, such as:

  • Sekeha memula, sekeha manyi (sekeha of agronomy aspect)

  • sekeha arja, sekeha topeng, sekeha gong (sekeha of arts aspect)

  • sekeha kidung, sekeha patus ( sekeha of religion aspect)

  • sekeha ukir, sekeha togog (sekeha of art & craft aspect), etc.

  • Every 'banjar' has this associations that consist of many peoples who have the same mission and vision for each activities.

    Name of 'seka' or 'sekeha is dealing with the kind of activities they done. There are an association of 'seka manyi' for harvest rice, seka semal for chasing the squirrel that damaging the coconut tress, 'seka memula' for planting paddy, and 'seka numbeg' for land processing.

    The young generations who have not married yet, also has a special association call 'seka truna-truni'. Believe it or not, there is even exist 'tuak' drinker group (called 'seka tuak').

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