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  Balinese Hinduism Woman

The Hinduism of Balinese does not gaze at women as the weak creature that has to be protected. They are considered to have the strength to create the beauty, however they also can make the jeopardy life in the world.

They who want to be released from the worldly as include in 'Sarasamucchaya', should be avoid or even if its possible to release the women from our mind. This as one reason how worried a man to the women magical strength that may be crush the powder to the Gods and make their struggle for imprisoned and united with the God become down.

In their daily life, the community respectful to the women, as seen when penetration to the Goddesses who have believed to help the human life in the world. The penetration for the dedication and the grateful for God's generosity of 'Dewi Sri', the Goddesses of paddy that the sources of human life.

The penetration as the grateful also for Dewi Saraswati, the knowledge Goddesses that is symbolized as a woman with four hands, that stand up on the lotus flower.

She is the symbol of woman who has to be provided with a formula extolling God's perfection at the first hand, She tribute 'Hyang Widi Wasa', with palmyra palm leaves at Her second hand. She penetrate the knowledge, with the musical instruments at the third hand.

She enjoy and announce about the beauty and arts, with a flower at the fourth hand, She spread the fragrance and softness. Even in puppet story, 'arja', 'mask', and folklore are mainly expressed the character of strong, independent, wide experiences, and has a charismatic woman as the princes.

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