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  The Balinese Character

The Balinese are just one of Indonesia's 250 ethnic groups. Like most Indonesians they are a blend of races, with the accent on the deutero-Malayan race of Central and East Java, with traces of Polynesian and Melanesian blood, as well as Indian and Chinese. This genetic background explains the variety of racial types seen on the island.

Most Balinese are small, handsome people with round, delicate features, thick black hair, long sweeping eyelashes, heart-shaped lips, and warm brown complexions, Others are darker-skinned and straight-haired like Pacific islanders, or curly-haired with flat noses like Papuans.

The Balinese are an extraordinarily creative people with a highly sensual, theatrical culture. Their cults, customs, and worship of god and nature are animist, their music warm-blooded, and their art as extravagant as their nature.

By Western material standards most Balinese are poor, though their poverty is masked by their exuberance, their outdoor-oriented, picturesque ritual life, and their personal openness and congeniality.

Culturally, the Javanese lean more toward refinement and modesty, keeping themselves in check in life and art, while the Balinese prefer the headier, flashier sensations-laughs, terror, spicier and sweeter foods. They're more lavish and baroque in their colors and decorations; they like explosive music and fast, jerky dancing.

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