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  Nowadays Balinese

Other influences of the outside of Balinese culture to the human life, also influence the way of thinking and the behavior of the Balinese people. Balinese people still want to bind to the nucleus family with his wife and children. The happiness of his family is the best of his goal and next is the success of his career.

For reaching the goals, they still based on the tradition that a man is the head of the household, religion and the nationalities to be followed the husband, for avoid the conflict with the custom and religion matters.

The character of Balinese-men by 2000 is strongly bound to his family. Woman is the man's partner in founding family and career. The household matters are all together responsibilities for raising the best goal.

The intimation of married couple is from both of them, and love is not only kept inside the heart, but should also be expressed through action and proposed in a word so, make the marriage very close so as to become fused.

The succeed of a man is not enough only observed through education that raised, the masterpiece, the leading capability, and the richness, but the basic one is the harmony of their family and the ability in respect the association ethics.

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