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One of the best places in Southeast Asia to buy fashionable clothes and beachwear is in Sanur and along the road running between Kuta and Legian.

European and American designers have teamed up with nimble-fingered Balinese garment workers to open hundreds of fashion boutiques selling the latest in continental and industrial fashion designs, as well as every type of 'batik' imaginable, including Malaysian imports.

The garment industry of Denpasar, Kuta, and Sanur comprises over 150 establishments employing about 8,000 people. Garment exports total over US$90 million. Two of Bali's largest textile factories lie along the main tourist artery between Denpasar and Mas.

Government-owned Patal, opened in 1965, makes polyester and rayon yarn for Central Javanese batik. The raw materials are brought in by truck from Java; about 200,000 kg of finished product is returned to Java each month.

The other factory, Balitex, is owned by the provincial government of Bali, its 60 looms producing about 30,000 meters of good-quality cotton and rayon cloth each month. Most of the cloth is sold to garment makers in the Kuta-Sanur-Denpasar tourist grid. The factory also maintains a wholesale/retail shop on the premises.

Several others, smaller textile weaving factories (pertenunan) are found in Gianyar, where there are also a number of large display rooms. Weaving factories in Singaraja specialize in reproducing ancient, finely detailed silk 'ikat' and distinctive hand-woven sarong and 'kain'.

The Balinese make very little batik themselves, importing for resale batik from Java. But they do produce a very striking and distinctive tie-dyed cloth called 'endek', actually more popular with the native Balinese than with tourists. Scores of factories all over Gianyar, Denpasar, and Singaraja manufacture this unique fabric.

'Endek', 'ikat', colorfast sarong, and gold-threaded 'songket' are created and sold in Poh Bergong village about 10 kilometers south of Singaraja on the way to Beratan.

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