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  History of Mount Agung

There's an unending chain of festivals, over 60 religious holidays a year. The basic tenet of the Balinese religion is the belief the island is owned by the supreme god Sanghyang Widhi and has been handed down to the people in sacred trust.

Thus the Balinese seem to devote most of their waking hours to an endless series of physically and financially exhausting offerings, purification, temple festivities, processions, dances, and cremations.

Festivals are dedicated to woodcarving, the birth of a goddess, and percussion instruments There are temple festivals, fasting and retreat ceremonies, parades to the sea, and celebrations of wealth and learning.

Get a hold of a Balinese calendar, besides offering faithful pictorial representations of simple, realistic folk scenes, they show the most propitious days for religious activities.

Try to catch one of the full moon ceremonies, a traditional affair that can last for some days. Lots of praying, singing, and dancing-a wonderful opportunity to interact with the people in their own environment on a special occasion.

Your hotel owner will tell you what to wear or perhaps even dress you in traditional attire. Incidentally, ceremonies concerning people take place in homes rather than temples. The temples are only used for ceremonies to gods.

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