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  Bamboo and Rattan

There are many different species of bamboo-from a dark brown to a spotted variety. Bamboo furniture is lightweight and cheap, but it's a bulky hassle to ship.

The bamboo furniture center is Belega village (near Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency) where tables, chairs, and other pieces are made out of attractive spotted bamboo (tiing tutul).

The dozen or so family-run workshops here also carry bamboo hats, ceremonial umbrellas, mats, purses, bags, and lampshades. Rattan wickerwork, made from an immense climbing palm with stems 10 meters long, is more expensive.

In southern Bali, an outstanding shop for rattan and bamboo plaited articles is Rama Collection, Jl Legian Kelod 400 (tel. 62-361-751570). Sukawati is the place for all-purpose bamboo basketry.

Prices depend on the size (from 10 cm up to almost a meter), strength, and closeness of the weave. Baskets with lids make excellent, sturdy shipping containers for fabrics and other unbreakable.

Bali as well as captivating bamboo wind chimes. Another outstanding wind chime shop, Kubu Ku Windchime, is in the outskirts of Ubud just up the path from the Monkey Forest.

The different sections of Denpasar's Pasar Badung (Jl Gajah Mada) have a great variety and low prices for every type of woven article.

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