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You'll soon learn that many galleries call themselves museums but are really display rooms selling paintings. The real museums are well known.

Preeminent among them is the Bali Museum in Denpasar (east-side of Puputan Square) which contains many masterpieces tracing the development of Balinese painting. This venerable museum, the ultimate repository of Balinese culture, also frequently exhibits contemporary artists.

To familiarize yourself with high-quality historical works, visit the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud. Founded in 1954 by Tjokorda Sukawati and Rudolph Bonnet, this 'Palace of Art' houses a permanent collection of many early treasures of modern Balinese sculpture and painting-from impressionism to abstract expressionism.

Displayed in chronological order, the museum gives the viewer an idea of the stylistic trends in Balinese art over the past 25 years. One wing is devoted to new work, where it's possible to meet the artists.

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