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  Framing and Shipping

If YOU don't want the frame to the painting you're buying, you can often buy it without the frame, but bear in mind that frames here are real bargains compared to prices in the West.

All Balinese frames are different; sometimes they're plain with no carving, sometimes they have very ornate carving. But for the most part, Balinese framing is heavily carved-not the austere sort of thing that would go well in a minimalist New York apartment.

When visiting galleries, be aware that the frame could add substantially to the price of your purchase. The most elaborate ones cost around Rp15,000 per meter-works of art in themselves.

For the lower-cost paintings, you might find that the frame may cost you more than the painting. The price of the frame also depends on the wood used and who carved it.

The gallery will (or should) break down your frame into four pieces, roll it up safely in cardboard, and package it for carrying or shipping. Up to 10 paintings can be rolled into one mailing tube without damage (frames should be packaged separately).

Stationery stores in Denpasar sell plastic or cardboard tubes. Some galleries will even package and ship for you, either through an air-freight company or via surface post through the Indonesian post office.

Gati is a first-class frame maker who works off Jl. Raya Kuta. If you're coming from Ubud, take a left on the street just before Neka Gallery in Padangtegal (one km east of Ubud's center). Gati's house is on the left.

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