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  Balinese Temples

Balinese temples are divided into three parts; one inevitably passes through a split gate or 'Candi Bentar' to enter the first courtyard. Then a second gate rising high with the grinning face of a guardian demon leads to the second division.

Inside there are numerous pavilions used for various purposes. In the final courtyard one may find the 'meru' pagoda which may have as many as eleven roofs if the owner or temple is important enough. The black thatch is from the sugar palm and can only be used in temples.

There will also stand numerous 'sanggah' or spirit houses and pedestals, which will be full of offerings on ritual days.

Everywhere carving in brick, volcanic stone and wood will be apparent. Walls ring all. The Balinese have always spent a great deal of energy and money on their temples for it is the duty to repay the ancestors for the prosperity.

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